Pay as You Go Pricing

A Scholaric subscription starts at $3 monthly for a single student. Cancel at any time with no penalty.

Get started for FREE instantly.

Students Monthly Cost Setup
1 $3 FREE
2 $4 FREE
3 $5 FREE
4 $6 FREE
5 or more $7 FREE

Secure Payment Through Stripe

Scholaric's payment provider is By the end of your free trial, you must subscribe for montly payment to continue using the service. Scholaric will then receive a token to charge your monthly subscription fee to your credit card, but does not ever see your credit card number.

Why not Advertiser-Funded?

Scholaric does not accept advertisements at this time, and plans on having its primary funding through subscriptions. This is important, because it means our users, not advertisers, are our customers. There will never be a conflict of interest - we will do what is best for those who are paying for the program.

Most advertiser-funded sites do not become sustainable businesses. They must reach a large scale to make advertisers interested, and never get there. Scholaric is subscriber-funded from the start.

Your Risk is Limited

Scholaric users get a 15 day free trial to evaluate the system. There is no long-term contract to tie you in. Only a monthly fee, which can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

The time you save with Scholaric should outweigh its cost to you. Should you find that Scholaric is not worth the fee, or if the value of the service deterioriates, you can stop using it and paying for it at any time.